Jack Frost Inspired Eyeshadow Look ❄️


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The big day is coming soon, what better way to celebrate the holidays than doing Christmas inspired makeup looks. I’m really excited about this makeup look as it is inspired by the personification of the cold, icy weather – Jack Frost. I took to Google to get some ideas for this look and think of some ideas to go with it. I decided to take the Jack Frost character representation from the 2012 movie “Rise of the Guardians”.


This character represented the weather perfectly with the white’s and the blue. Elsa from hit movie Frozen would be the perfect representation too. This helped me with the idea of putting quite shiny blues and whites and lots of highlighter on the lids, inner corners, nose and lips. The pink part of the eyeshadow look came from the effect the recent snowy weather had on me. My cheeks always go a rosy colour in the frosty weather so I thought adding it in would be the perfect representation of what it is and what it can do to you.

❄️What I Used❄️


The first palette was from NYX. It is the Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette (Sugar High). This palette has a lot of natural and rosy colours, perfect for a subtle smokey eye.

I began by priming my lids with concealer as I find this most efficient for my eyes. The concealer I used was Collection Lasting Perfection in the lightest shade.



To re create the frost and the ice, I picked up the NYX In Your Element: Wind palette. This palette has some beautiful shimmery blues and whites in. I don’t think I could have picked a better palette.




12 Days of Nails

Hey everyone, I wanted to do some Christmasy posts but I didn’t want to just do Christmas inspired makeup looks. I was in the middle of painting my nails, listening to some festive songs towards the end of November when I remembered back to my school days and how we used to sing the 12 days of Christmas. So I sat and reminisced  and then it came to me to do 12 days of nails. For the first 12 days of December I have painted my nails each day with different colours and styles. I hope you enjoy!

Day 1:


Barry M Aquamarine Collection: Caspian

Barry M Aquamarine Collection: Treasure Chest

Day 2:


Miss Selfridge silver polish

Barry M: Diamond Glitter



Day 3:


Essie: Russian Roulette

Barry M: Diamond Glitter



Day 4:


Colour Couture: Galaxy



Day 5:


Miss Selfridge Baby Pink

Tanya Burr: Fairytale



Day 6:


Seventeen: Copper



Day 7:


Jack Wills: Grey

Barry M: Fashion Icon



Day 8:


Barry M Coconut Infusion: Sunkissed

Rimmel London Super Gel by Kate Moss: Guilty Pleasure



Day 9:


Seventeen: Navy Glint



Day 10:


Essie: Bikini So Teeny



Day 11:


Revlon: Gum Drop



Day 12:


Rimmel London: Silver Bullet

No.7 Stay Perfect: In The Stars

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Get Ready With Me: Concert ⭐

Hello again! I’m so so sorry for a late post. The past few days have consisted in so much bliss and happiness for me that I didn’t get chance to write this post. But have no fear, the post is here (am I good poet yet? No? Okay i’ll keep trying.)

Today’s post is going to be my complete look for the Boyce Avenue concert I attended at the beginning of November. It will include my entire makeup look, how I did my hair and what I was wearing. You all seem to love my looks so I thought I would continue on that path and show you how much I have come out of my comfort zone.



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I went back into my eye shadow draws to pick out an old palette that I hadn’t used in a while/ever. I came across a NYX palette, that believe it or not, still had the plastic on it. This was the Cool Neutrals palette from the NYX ULTIMATE collection. I know the palette doesn’t sound like the kind of palette that would be out of my comfort zone but it has some very ‘out there’ shades. I made it my goal to use some of those shades. 

To start off this look I took a flat brush and packed on this light shade to get rid of any discolouration as I want this look to really pop.
Next, using a fluffy brush I took this shade and buffed it into my outer crease as a transition shade.
Then its the fun part! I took a smaller flat brush and packed on a ton of this glitter shade to my lid. The more the merrier, am I right?
Finally, I took the same fluffy brush from before to buff in this gorgeous purple shade into the outer crease to give this look a real pop. Also this purple shade is very out of my comfort zone, so yay me!

💖For the rest of my general make up look, click here💖




For my hair I freshly washed it that morning using these two products above. I suffer with quite a flaky and itchy scalp and this shampoo is the only thing that keeps it from coming back. Usually I keep the conditioner on my hair for about 10 minutes while I am in the shower, this helps the conditioner soak into every strand of my very thick hair to keep it silky and shiny.


When it came around to getting ready, I wanted to curl my hair. I have a pretty standard routine to curling my hair, however it is so thick that it takes so long to get it all curled. My routine starts by spraying the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray through my hair. To make sure the product is distributed evenly, I spray some onto a tangle teaser brush to get the under side of my hair.

My favourite curling utensil to use is the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Long Tong. This tong has a clip on it, however I prefer using it as a wand instead. I find with my hair I get the best curls if I use curling wands. It takes me quite a while as I have to take quite small sections and wrap it around a few times to get gorgeous beach style curls.

I finish it off with a little bit of hair spray by Elnett as their hairspray doesn’t make your hair go stiff and crispy.



IMG-2586 (1).JPG

The items in this look may not be available for purchase anymore so I might not be able to link it. If so then I will link something that looks similar, if you are interested in getting a similar look.

Jacket:  £50 Topshop (Similar)

Top: £15 Hollister (Exact)

Jeans: £12 Primark (Similar)

Phone Case: £29.95 Ted Baker (Exact)

Shoes: £28 River Island (Exact)