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This Weeks Nails

As you may know from my past nail blog post, I may have an obsession with having sparkly nails. My sister very kindly lent me some products to complete this nail look. These are products which she raves about (I will let you know which ones they are). To get these beautiful, sparkly nails I used four products…


The first this I did was wash my hands as I said in my last post, I like to make sure my nails and skin around them are clean.

The second thing I did was use the O.P.I Nail Envy – Nail Strengthener. This is because my nails are prone to cracking and chipping away which ruins the nails within the first few days. This product has been a lifesaver and is one that my sister raves about.


The third thing I did was apply a coat of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top/Bottom Coat. It doesn’t joke around when it says instant drying. It’s honestly the quickest drying top coat I have come across.


The fourth thing I did was apply a base colour. The colour I used was from the Rimmel London Super Gel collection in the shade Punk Rock. This is kind of a purple toned grey, it comes out quite dark on the nails. It looks gorgeous on it’s own if you would prefer that.


Now for the magic…The next thing I did was add a coat of the No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour. This is a clear polish with some glitter in. But under the light it reflects in different colours such as blue and purple and pink. It is absolutely stunning! This is another product that my sister raves about, as you can see from the half empty bottle in the picture.


Once that was dry, I added a final coat of the Sally Hansen Intsa-Dri Top/Bottom Coat and I was ready to show off my incredibly blinding nails. Honestly they are so sparkly it is unreal.  



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