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Payday Purchases (High End)

Today I have a bit of a different post for you all. You might have an idea from the title but if you don’t then let me explain…I have this list, it is a list for all the different products that I need to re-purchase and other products that I want. I’m constantly adding to it all the time, just like I did earlier today. While I was looking at my list I thought “why don’t you make a blog post and show everyone the things you have in your list because everyone might like to see different products that they might not have seen before?” So here it is. I’ve taken some of the high end products on my list and gathered their prices and pictures for you. I will do a drug store version of this too!

**I realised whilst writing this post that it looks like i’m buying all of these products in one go but I i’m just going to throw it out there that this is just an overall list of products and I just pick out a few things each month that I can afford because adulting means there are bills to pay as well as nice things**

Benefit Badgal Lash £18.50
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash £16.50
MAC Brow Setting Clear Gel £14.50
MAC Burgundy X9 Eyeshadow Palette £25
MAC Lip Duo – Ruby Woo £29.50
Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter £24.50
NYX Perfect Filter – Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette £16
Chanel – Gabrielle £79




Out of My Comfort Zone: Look 3

Today I have another makeup look for you. Another look which is out of my comfort zone. This look is a smokey eye. I never thought I would be confident enough to use these darker shades, but I woke up this morning and was I adamant to do a smokey eye. With wanting to do this look, I realised that I own so many palettes with some beautiful shades in, that never get used. So I picked out a palette by BareMinerals – Ready Eye shadow 14.0: Bare Sensuals..which is quite the mouthful.

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**When working with darker shades, I recommend doing your eye shadow before putting on the rest of your makeup. From personal experience, it ruins your look if you get fall out on your face!**


The first shade I took is called Shazam, I buffed through my outer crease with a NYX fluffy brush. This was followed by the shade Catalyst, which I also took to my outer crease with the same brush, but focusing on the very outer v to give it some definition. (Shades shown in the picture above).


The next thing I did was take the shade Fortune with a flat brush from my Royal & Langnickel brush collection and I packed this onto the rest of my lid. However, the colour pay off wasn’t what I wanted so I packed some of the shade Cloud Nine over the top using that same brush. With a clean fluffy brush I blended the shadows together to create a gradient.


Finally I took a pointed brush from Real Techniques and put some of shade Hard To Eat in my inner corner and lightly on my brow bone.

**If you wan’t to see the other looks in this series or to know what other makeup products I use then please click here and here, thank you so much.**



Out of My Comfort Zone – Look 2

I am back with another makeup look, as this seemed to be something that everyone loves on my blog. I was thinking to do a mini blog series for this month with lots of different makeup looks that are very much out of my comfort zone…what do you think?

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Today’s look was still very much out of my comfort zone (as the shades were very different for me) but this look is very subtle nethertheless. Two of my least used palettes were actually picked out for this look and these were the Jouer Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadow Palette and the BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 Eyeshadow Palette.

I used my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer as a primer for my lids. Using one of my flat shadow brushes from Royal and Langnickel, I took the shade starlight from the Jouer palette and packed it onto the lower half of my lid.


The next thing I did was take pink shade that is circled in the picture below from the BH palette and I took this on a fluffy brush from Lily England. I worked this shade in the inner half  of my upper lid to blend the silver shade into it. I then, using the same brush, took the purple shade circled below and blended that into my outer crease and continued to work it until everything blended and created that gradient between each other. I finally took that same pink shade on a pointed brush from Lily England and took it on the outer lower lashline. I used my Jouer Highlighter in the inner corners and my brow bone.


The rest of the makeup products used are the same as from the last makeup look I did, so if you are interested in that click here to view the las post. Thank you for reading. I am truly greatful.



Makeup Look (Out of My Comfort Zone)

So today was kind of a big deal, I wanted to do something different with my makeup. I very much went out of my comfort zone with this look but I am so pleased with it. I have really explored what I can do with makeup and I am excited to create more looks like this one in the future.

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The palette I used for this look was the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection 2017
Starting off this look, I took a fluffy brush from NYX and took this matte pink shade through my crease. I kept on sweeping it over to blend out the harsh lines.
I then too a flat brush by Lottie London, I took this gorgeous shimmery gold colour right over the lid, making sure not to cover that pink colour in the crease.
Then using that same fluffy brush by NYX, I took this glittery red shade and buffed it through the crease to blend both the pink and the gold together to make that gradiant.
After that I took a slightly more fluffy but still quite flat brush from Royal and Langnickel and i took this bluey-purple shade in the very outer corner of my lid and blended it in slightly to create a point (like it was eyeliner.)
Using a smaller flat brush, also by Royal and Langnickel, I took this beautiful purple shade through my lower lash line and up to that point with the bluey-purple colour.

The other products used for this makeup look were…

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ NYX HD Finishing Powder _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Benefit Hoola Bronzer _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Benefit Rockateur Blush _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Ted Baker Lipstick (From a Set) _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Freedom Pro Eyebrow Pomade _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._

_.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._ Benefit ‘Ready Set Brow!’ Clear Gel _.-*-._.-*-._.-*-._