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Beauty Blogger Questionnaire

I have seen a few other bloggers do this recently and I thought this was a good way to find out a little more about me in a beauty related kind of way as I feel I haven’t shared much personally about myself to you all, I hope enjoy!


1. What is the one product you could not go without?


2. What Is Your Favourite Make Up Brand?



3. Do you remember the first make up item you purchased?


4. What is your top beauty tip?



5. Why did you start blogging?

I love make up and doing different kinds of looks and hauls. Friends would always tell me I should show other people so I decided to join the wordpress family.


6. Random Fact About Yourself?

I have a soft spot for donuts. They are my weakness.


7. How much do you spend on beauty products every month?

Way more than my bank would like…


8. Describe your dream make up haul

Splurging at the Westfield in Shepherds Bush as they have a lot of the high end brands their.


9. How often do you wash your make up brushes?

Once a week, I can’t stand when the brushes go hard from all the dry product.


10. If you could only choose to do one before leaving the house, would you do your hair or your makeup?

Makeup, because I never do much with my hair anyway.


11. 5 Beauty Products you couldn’t live without


12. What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

You do you! Express your love and have fun with it.



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Vinted…Fab or Fail?


Today’s post is something a bit different, still related to makeup and beauty but also catering to the people that also love fashion.


Screenshot 2017-10-27 at 16.34.03

Recently I have discovered this app called Vinted. This is an app which I believe is used in a lot of countries. Users can sell and buy either second hand or brand new items which are being sold as little as a fraction of the price. People sell all kinds of brands from Primark – Gucci.

Yes, these are things that people own and not from companies or manufacturers. So this might be a 50/50 app as I know some people are not keen on owning things that are second hand. However, you can filter the app to give you options of the quality of the items, so you can opt for products that are new with the tags still on.

On the home screen you can filter the different sections to find things that are in your size and change the price range if you are on a budget. You can buy things for as low as £1…can you believe it? When you see something you like you can favourite it and get notifications when the seller reduces the price and if the product gets sold. Sellers also give you bundle options so you are not paying double the price for delivery. Great right?One of my favourite things is that you can private message the sellers before you buy any item with any questions, queries and counter offers.

It doesn’t just stop at women’s clothes! It has shoes, children’s clothes, men’s clothes, accessories, makeup, skin care, nail care and bags/purses. In my opinion it is literally every shop you need in one app.

I brought a couple of items from one seller. There was a pair of Zara leggings and a jacket. Separately they were just under £3 each but the seller offered me £3.50 for both of the items and then postage on top of that. They came within the specified time and were in the same condition as stated by seller.


For me this app is.. 1508320977163 and I would be so happy to shop from their again.






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Barry M Peel It!…Fab or Fail?

1508320831517I have two very quick things before we get onto this post.

  1. thank you so much for the love that you have given me on my posts and for my achievements.
  2. what do you all think about me maybe starting a YouTube channel to upload some video footage of makeup looks? Would that be something you would like to see? – let me know in the comments below.

I was in my local Tesco and I noticed that Barry M were doing a 2 for £5 on their entire range which was amazing because I own a lot of their nail polishes (as you may know). Whilst browsing through some of their newest polishes I noticed an all white bottle sat in between some of their Liquid Chrome and Molten Metal collections. I first thought it was a white nail polish but in bold black letters it says “Peel It! PEEL OFF BASECOAT”. I hadn’t seen anything like this and was so happy when I saw it because I love painting my nails but I absolutely hate the feeling, smell and outcome of nail polish remover. I’ve never been a fan of putting acetone on my nails as it can be very drying and cause brittle nails. My nails are already brittle as it is.

Anyway, back to the peel off basecoat…I showed it to my sister and she told me that youtuber and nail art queen, Simply Nailogical, swears by peel off base coat so my hopes for this were pretty high from the start.


I put one layer of the peel off base coat onto my nails and waited for it to dry. It does take longer to dry compared to your regular base coats so I was waiting about 5-10 minutes. I followed it with the Barry M Liquid Chrome in the shade Razzle Dazzle which is rose gold colour and gives a metal looking finish on the nails. After that I used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.

For the purpose of testing whether this was a fab product or a fail, I left it for the whole day and then came back and peeled it off. It peeled off my nails well. On most of my nails it came off in 2 big pieces and on a couple of them there were some more difficult pieces to get. But overall, it all came off so quickly in under 10 minutes. My only issue with it is that it makes your nails feel rough and look quite patchy. However I can’t really complain as it actually did a pretty decent job of removing the nail polish.

This product is.. 1508320977163



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Payday Purchaces (Drug Store)

Wow, I’m still shocked…I would like to say a massive thank you for helping me reach 300 followers. It means the world to me and i’m so greatful. I love the amazing connection I have gained with you all and I hope to continue to inspire people and make new friends across the Blogosphere.


For today’s post I have the sequel to another post called Payday Purchaces. The post I made before was a list of high end beauty products that I have on a list to buy when I get paid from work. This post is a drugstore version. If you would like to see the high end version then please click here.

NYX HD Finishing Powder £9.00
Freedom #ProArtist Lipstick Palette £10
Makeup Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette £10
Makeup Revolution Soph X Highlighter Palette £8
B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes £1.49
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Tan £7.79
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint – Pomegranate £3.99
L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Liquorice £6.79



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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (A Double Review)

Today i have a bit of a different review for you. Everyone has different skin types and I want to show a variation of reviews that will suit everyone. As you know if you have been reading my posts from the start, that I have what is called a “normal” skin type. This means I don’t have any problems with dry or oily skin, I have a balanced skin type. However I have kindly asked my sister to try out a foundation for you. Now she has combination skin but she suffers more with oily than dryness. We have very different skin types as you can tell so hopefully this will give everyone an idea of what the foundation is like.

The foundation we have for you is the Maybelline Fit Me (Matte and Poreless). My sister had tested this twice and you will see why throughout.




Day Number 1:

My sister explained that she had particularly dry skin on the first try. She had applied a thin layer of the foundation to her skin using a flat foundation brush from the brand Real Techniques. This foundation gave my sister a light/medium coverage but didn’t cover up redness very well. After applying the foundation she had patted a light layer of  a powder that she swears by. She let the foundation sit on her skin while she continued to get ready but her face began feeling more dry than it was before, tight and itchy. This resulted her having to remove the foundation completely.

Day Number 2:

On the second day my sister’s skin was combination but more on the oily side. So she decided to try the foundation on again using the same technique as she did the day before. It had applied better that day and mattified completely like it claimed to do on the bottle. However the bottle claims that it was a poreless foundation but pores could still be seen unfortunately. She was happier with the outcome of the application and wore it for the remainder of the day. Over the course of the day she noticed that the foundation began to separate around and above her nose, chin and around the cupid’s bow. Sadly the foundation didn’t meet the expectation that it said as her cheeks went oily/shiny by midday and we can conclude that this foundation did not work well for combination skin.



So I gave this foundation a go too.  Now my skin is very hydrated and soft and I don’t generally suffer with dry or oiliness so I had high hopes for this foundation. For the purpose of this review I tested the foundation with the same style of brush that my sister used. The application was easy and it blended well into my skin. But again it didn’t cover all of my blemishes and redness and I love a full coverage finish. After finishing my concealer and powder over the top of the foundation, I noticed that my face started to feel dry. The foundation mattified so well but with the powder over the top it almost sucked some of the moisture from my skin. So I sprayed some setting spray over the top to see if that would bring back some of the moisture and I admit it did feel better. For me the foundation definitely lasted longer throughout the day however towards the end of the day it started to separate around my nose. For me this foundation would be for if I am running out of the house for a short time. I wouldn’t recommend it for a night out.

Lastly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has come along on this journey with me, I am so greatful  for everyone.



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Payday Purchases (High End)

Today I have a bit of a different post for you all. You might have an idea from the title but if you don’t then let me explain…I have this list, it is a list for all the different products that I need to re-purchase and other products that I want. I’m constantly adding to it all the time, just like I did earlier today. While I was looking at my list I thought “why don’t you make a blog post and show everyone the things you have in your list because everyone might like to see different products that they might not have seen before?” So here it is. I’ve taken some of the high end products on my list and gathered their prices and pictures for you. I will do a drug store version of this too!

**I realised whilst writing this post that it looks like i’m buying all of these products in one go but I i’m just going to throw it out there that this is just an overall list of products and I just pick out a few things each month that I can afford because adulting means there are bills to pay as well as nice things**

Benefit Badgal Lash £18.50
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash £16.50
MAC Brow Setting Clear Gel £14.50
MAC Burgundy X9 Eyeshadow Palette £25
MAC Lip Duo – Ruby Woo £29.50
Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter £24.50
NYX Perfect Filter – Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette £16
Chanel – Gabrielle £79




Out of My Comfort Zone: Look 3

Today I have another makeup look for you. Another look which is out of my comfort zone. This look is a smokey eye. I never thought I would be confident enough to use these darker shades, but I woke up this morning and was I adamant to do a smokey eye. With wanting to do this look, I realised that I own so many palettes with some beautiful shades in, that never get used. So I picked out a palette by BareMinerals – Ready Eye shadow 14.0: Bare Sensuals..which is quite the mouthful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



**When working with darker shades, I recommend doing your eye shadow before putting on the rest of your makeup. From personal experience, it ruins your look if you get fall out on your face!**


The first shade I took is called Shazam, I buffed through my outer crease with a NYX fluffy brush. This was followed by the shade Catalyst, which I also took to my outer crease with the same brush, but focusing on the very outer v to give it some definition. (Shades shown in the picture above).


The next thing I did was take the shade Fortune with a flat brush from my Royal & Langnickel brush collection and I packed this onto the rest of my lid. However, the colour pay off wasn’t what I wanted so I packed some of the shade Cloud Nine over the top using that same brush. With a clean fluffy brush I blended the shadows together to create a gradient.


Finally I took a pointed brush from Real Techniques and put some of shade Hard To Eat in my inner corner and lightly on my brow bone.

**If you wan’t to see the other looks in this series or to know what other makeup products I use then please click here and here, thank you so much.**



Out of My Comfort Zone – Look 2

I am back with another makeup look, as this seemed to be something that everyone loves on my blog. I was thinking to do a mini blog series for this month with lots of different makeup looks that are very much out of my comfort zone…what do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today’s look was still very much out of my comfort zone (as the shades were very different for me) but this look is very subtle nethertheless. Two of my least used palettes were actually picked out for this look and these were the Jouer Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadow Palette and the BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 Eyeshadow Palette.

I used my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer as a primer for my lids. Using one of my flat shadow brushes from Royal and Langnickel, I took the shade starlight from the Jouer palette and packed it onto the lower half of my lid.


The next thing I did was take pink shade that is circled in the picture below from the BH palette and I took this on a fluffy brush from Lily England. I worked this shade in the inner half  of my upper lid to blend the silver shade into it. I then, using the same brush, took the purple shade circled below and blended that into my outer crease and continued to work it until everything blended and created that gradient between each other. I finally took that same pink shade on a pointed brush from Lily England and took it on the outer lower lashline. I used my Jouer Highlighter in the inner corners and my brow bone.


The rest of the makeup products used are the same as from the last makeup look I did, so if you are interested in that click here to view the las post. Thank you for reading. I am truly greatful.