Updated Every Day Makeup Look 💋


I though it was about time I did an updated every day makeup look as the last one I did was back in May last year. Most of the products I use have changed now. I will talk about the differences in the products I use now compared to the ones I used before. Anything I don’t compare just means I am using the same product as last time.


Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation £9.99

*This was a product I changed as I was using one by Charlotte Tilbury which was £30 and I didn’t want to keep spending that much every time I needed a new foundation. As much as I loved the foundation and would buy it again if I could spare the money every time. I went in search of a drug store, affordable dupe for it and I found this one from Bourjois which is a third of the price*


Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £3.99


Powder: Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte Powder £4.99

*Don’t get me wrong, you know I adore NYX products, but I come from a small town where our Boots is small and doesn’t stock NYX products. I know I could buy it off the website but I work all day and would miss the parcel and if I need it for the next day then I couldn’t and I would be an oily mess. So I picked this one up as a quick dupe*


Bronzer: Benefit Hoola Bronzer £20

*I used to use my holy grail L’Oreal La Terra Bronzer, which I still switch between but I reach more for my Benefit one as it is also the perfect shade to contour my cheek bones with*


Brows: Zoeva Graphic Brows Pencil £7.50 + Freedom Dip Brow Pomade £5

*I am still using the Zoeva Brow pencil, mainly for the spooly at the end but I switched back to my Freedom Dip Brow as I find my brows look more natural with this product*


Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash £18.50

*I used to use the amazing Miss Baby Roll mascara but I felt it was a bit too heavy for every day quick makeup. The Benefit one gives you natural looking lashes, perfect for the day. Also doesn’t transfer at all through out the day*


Highlight: I Heart Makeup (Goddess of Love) £4.99

*BEST HIGHLIGHT I HAVE EVER USED AND FOR THE BEST PRICE! My Jouer one which was incredibly expensive for the size of it, shattered. I hadn’t dropped it or anything. As soon as the weather got colder it shattered like ice which is totally ironic as that was the shade I had*


Blush: Benefit Rockateur Blush £24.50


Lipstick: Disney Cinderella Lipsticks by MAC (Royal Ball) £16 or just a simple lip balm by Nivea £1




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