2 Beauty Purchases

The first product I purchased, was the new Sleek Highlight Palette (Diamond Dreams). I wanted to purchase this after seeing a post by another fellow blogger *The Clueless Beauty Junkie* – do check out her blog. This palette has five shades. 3 of them are creamy highlights and 2 of them are powder highlights. When I first saw this palette it looked like it should be a colour correcting concealer palette as it has the greens, pinks and purple shades. I have to say the shades apply better to the skin if you use your finger and then blend with a brush. I do prefer the creamier shades as they blend a bit easier and it doesn’t look like you have a visible line of highlight.

Anodize (creamy), Beam (powder), Sweet Delusion (creamy), Refracted (powder), Blurred Lights (creamy)

The second product I purchased, was the NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Shadow Palette. I am a massive fan of the lip lingerie liquid lipsticks so as soon as I saw this palette I had to make purchase it. This palette has six reasonably sized shades so you will get a tone of use out of them. They apply so easily to the skin with a brush and using your finger. They are so pigmented so a little does go a long way. In my opinion, some of these shades would still be great for summer e.g. the bottom middle shade and the top right shade. This palette actually has good shades to use throughout the year. In the picture you may not be able to see the top right shade, this is because it is a perfect match to my skin, great as a base shade to even out the colour of the lid. I am excited to use this in some up coming make up looks!



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