Make Up Look – Inspired By Leighton Meester


Leighton’s skin always looks so naturally flawless so I used the Pore fessionals Base Primer by Benefit to help even out my skin tone and fill in my pores to make them less visible.
The next thing you would think to do to get that flawless looking base is to use a high coverage foundation, but for this look I didn’t use a foundation at all. I know, shocking. I actually used a concealer on the problem areas of my skin and the one I used was the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. This concealer has high coverage for a drugstore product but it worked wonders for that natural flawless skin look. This concealer, when blended, is a perfect match for my skin tone so it looks like I’m not wearing anything on my base at all. The brush i used to blend the concealer in was the Cheek Brush by Real Techniques. I’m sorry if me not using the right brushes for things offends any of you. I just use what brushes work for my skin when applying certain products. This brush happens to be perfect for applying concealer/foundation as its not harsh and doesn’t make your product go streaky on the skin, which is what I find happens when I use a stippling brush.
The next thing I did was set the base with my all time favourite powder, which is the NYX HD Finishing Translucent Powder. I have super oily skin so this powder takes a lot of that away but still makes me look dewy as I am not a fan of having overly matte skin. Leighton’s skin looks flawless and dewy so it is the perfect product to help achieve her look. The brush I used to do this was the Blush Brush by Real Techniques as this is the perfect shape to powder under my eyes and the sides of my nose.
After that, I took a blush by Zoeva called “He Loves Me, Maybe” which is a subtle pink colour and I used the Multi-task Brush by Real Techniques to make my cheeks healthy and rosy just like Leighton in the photo.
For brows I just filled my brows in the way I always do them with the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in the shade Ash Brown as everybody has their own brow shape and the way they like to do them so I thought i’d keep them the same as how I have them every day.
Next I put on some mascara. I used the Benefit Roller Lash as it has a small, thin wand to curl your lashes right up from the root, to A) make them curlier and B) give the illusion of wearing eyeliner without the hassle of messing it up. Just don’t stab yourself in the eye with the wand, I’ve done that on many occasions.
The next thing I did was take a small amount of bronzer around the outside of my face (forehead, chin etc.). Even though I don’t think Leighton is wearing any, I still like to bronze. It’s like my statement product. For this I used a big fluffy brush by Isabella Scott which I purchased at Homesense.
The final thing I did to get that bold red lip, I used a lip palette. This was sent to me by mistake, however it is the best product I have ever used to get a red lip and the edges not looking to harsh and over drawn. The palette I used was the L’Oreal Color Riche Lip Palette in Rouge. I applied it to my lips using a thin and flat brush from a company called Royal and Langnickel. The product is so creamy and doesn’t transfer that much. It doesn’t make the outline of my lips look harsh when i use this product and the pigment is amazing too. Better than any red lipstick I have ever tried.




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