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Makeup Revolution: Thoughts and Opinions

I’m sure everyone in the United Kingdom has heard of the brand ‘Makeup Revolution’. It’s sold at Superdrug and can also be found at Their makeup is affordable, ranging between £2 – £10. I own a handful of their products and would like to give you my honest opinion as best I can.

I’d like to start off with their eyeshadow palettes. I have two of them.  One has matte shades and one has shimmer shades. Initially they are both the same shades but in two different styles. I believe they were £8 each and you get 32 shades in each palette. The first palette is the matte shades palette. You get some beautiful neutral shades from light to dark to create various eyeshadow looks. They are really pigmented. They have a slight fall out so I’d advise putting the eyeshadow on before you put your base makeup on and it will be fine. So, for the matte palette I’d give it a 4/5-star rating.


As for the shimmer palette, there is a significant amount of fallout and the palette itself has become very messy. However, the shades are so sparkly and they pack on well to the lid. Again, I would advise the same as the matte palette. Overall, I’d give it a 3/5-star rating.

Highlight. I have a small highlight palette with three pans in for £8. you have a very white highlight on the left, a peachy one in the middle and a purple one on the right. They are all very shimmery and they swatch very well on your hand or fingers but when it comes to applying it and blending it, you can tell how chalky they are. I don’t know whether it is just my skin but they don’t seem to apply nicely on my cheeks. However, they show up beautifully on my inner corners. I’m sad to say that I’m going to have to give this one a 2/5-star rating.


Finally, onto their blushers. I have two of their palettes, both £6. One of the palettes is called ‘Blush Goddess’ and it has 4 very pinky matte blushes on the bottom row and 4 very peachy – yellow toned shimmer shades on the top row. I must, say I am a massive fan of the pinky shades in this palette. They blend nicely and don’t look to overboard. They give a natural pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks. I guess you could use the top 4 shades as natural highlights but I personally do not use them. I would give this palette a full 5 stars but it’s because the top four shades aren’t really considered blushers and I don’t use them. So, I will give this palette a 4/5-star rating.


As for the second palette, which is called ‘Blush Queen’, it has 8 beautiful baked marble blushes. They remind me very much of the iPhone colours as they are all very gold and rose-gold. They too, all look very pretty and are slightly shimmery. They also blend very well and because I use all of the shades in this palette I will give it a 5/5-star rating.


Gabby xo





17 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Thoughts and Opinions

      1. I’ve always used powders but then this came into my life and wow! I doubt I’ll ever use powder again honestly! xo I’d do a review on it but I’m letting my eyebrows grow out and they are a mess!


  1. those blush palettes look sooo beautiful! might have to get some for myself!! thanks for this post i truly enjoyed it! hope you can check out some of mine too sometime 🙂 ❤

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