Miss Baby Roll Mascara by L’Oréal Paris (Overview & Opinion)


Finally got my hands on one of the mascaras from the new L’Oréal Paris: Miss Baby Roll collection, after it being sold out in every shop I went to. This included the  waterproof one, which seemed to be another completed sold out favourite. Despite it being sold out, I managed to get my hands on the Mega Volume mascara a few weeks back, where they had the offer of getting a sleeping mask for free. I wasn’t surprised that they were trying to get rid of the sleeping masks, as they were not the best quality but I’ll admit, it does look very cute as décor in my bedroom.

When I first saw the advert for the Mega Volune mascara, featuring some of the lovely YouTube girls, I was intrigued. It was amazing to see the difference in their lashes before and after applying the product, especially with the results they were advertising. Though, I had to keep in mind that it may not be as effective for me. Nonetheless, the packaging itself is gorgeous, it has a sweet pastel coloured lid and is bold at the bottom with a black casing.

In terms of the wand, which is what a lot of people look at when purchasing a new mascara, it is ~2.5 cm and has thin bristles all the way round. For me, personally, this is good size to cover the width of your eye. Using the wand, the product goes on smoothly but does clump slightly (barely  noticeable). However, this can easily be fixed with a spoolie brush. The product also  gives your lashes that extra curl and lift to make your eyes really stand out. While one coat is usually enough, I did find that it can be layered to suit your preference. So, it is surprisingly as effective as advertised and has now become an everyday staple for me in my make-up bag.

Overal star rating out of 5: 4

Gabby xo



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